Blessed Ortolana Building Addition Campaign

Below is a rendering of the new addition we are planning at the Saint Clare of Assisi Retreat Center called “Blessed Ortolana.” Ortolan is the mother of Saint Clare so we feel like this is the perfect name for our new proposed addition! The new addition will add 17 semi-private rooms along with a new meeting space which includes a separate room designated for reconciliation called the Padre Pio room.

Our current configuration only allows for sleeping in five large rooms. This new addition will allow for more private sleeping accommodations, which is needed for many retreats that require private reflection. Our goal is to raise $750,000. We have currently raised over $400,000 in contributions and pledges! Thanks so much to all who have helped in this effort!

To see our brochure on the building addition, please select HERE.

If you would like to make a pledge through the mail, please download our PLEDGE CARD.

If you would like to donate or make a pledge online through our secure FLOCKNOTE, please go HERE.

Saint Clare of Assisi Operations Funds Needed

Lawn & Garden Maintenance help maintain the beauty of the retreat center

The Saint Clare of Assisi Retreat Center is supported 100% by volunteers. There are no paid positions! We have lots of fixed costs from year to year that must be paid in order to run the retreat center – flood insurance, inspections, heating and cooling, and internet, just to name a few. Our operations costs currently run around $50,000 per year. In order to offer low-cost retreats and to be a donation-only facility, we need your support. Many people donate through their time and talent so generously. But the basic bills we have from month to month can only be met through treasure.

If you would like to make a donation (one time or recurring) to help defer the costs of the retreat center, please go HERE. By donating at least $10 per month you become a “Friend of Saint Clare.”

Participants help to make care packages during Joy Retreat in February of 2022

As a Friend of Saint Clare, you will be included in our Mass intention whenever a Mass is offered in the San Damiano Chapel. You will also be invited to our annual donor/volunteer appreciation dinner.

As a New Friend of Saint Clare:
• at the $25 per month level, you will get a Saint Clare of Assisi tee shirt in your choice of gray,
white or light blue, long sleeve or short sleeve.
• at the $35 per month level, you will get a Saint Clare of Assisi sweatshirt in your choice of
above colors.
• at the $50 per month level, you will get a Saint Clare of Assisi athletic jacket in your choice of
available colors.
• at the $100 per month level, you get your choice of 2 of the above.
• at the $150 per month level, you get all 3 of the above.